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History of the company


The history of JSC “Altaigeomash” begins with the 23d of November 1953; it is the date of foundation of Barnaul geology-prospecting equipment plant. The first factory goods were drill masts BM-2, BM-3 and drilling machine SBA-800.

Since 1955 the factory began to manufacture drilling machines ZIF-650А and ZIF-1200А. In the future the range of products expanded, manufacturing products were modernized. 

The productions were exported to 28 countries. Machines, descended from the conveyor of factory repeatedly were awarded with diplomas and medals.

In 1972 the lot of directional drilling rigs NSA-150 was produce for lying tunnel escalator of Moscow subway.

In 1981 at the international exhibition in Brno city of Czech Republic, drilling machine SKB-5 of Barnaul plant was awarded by the gold medal.

In 1992 the factory got a new name - JSC “Altaigeomash”

In 1999 the factory produced the first self- propelled drilling rig UKB-5S with rock drilling machine SKB-51 on the chassis of a sports utility vehicle Ural 4320.

In the 2000s, moving and self- propelled drilling rigs UKB-5CT-E, SSG-5T based on skidding tractor, AR-51, AR-1200 on the basis of sledges were designed and put into production.

Since the mid 2000s, a variable-frequency drive has become widely used among manufactured equipments, by that increasing productivity of drilling.

In 2009 JSC "Altaigeomash" was one of the first factory, who designed, manufactured and launched into production hydroficated drilling rigs with moving swivel head UB-3.5m.

In 2015 the factory started to manufacture a new hydroficated moving drilling rigs the 7th grade UBG-7 with a system of automated control of the drilling process.

In the present time JSC "Altaigeomash" manufactures more than 20 items of drilling equipment, and also techniques for carrying out drilling operations.

Production of "Altaigeomash" are in demand and competitive in Russian and in the world market.


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